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Alchemy Release

· 2 min read
Cinder Roxley
Alchemy Contributor

Welcome to another exciting episode in What's in This Release?

Today, the contestant is you! So what's in the release? If you guessed bug fixes, you would be correct! This was supposed to be a bug fix release, but dear oh dear, we all got hosed by this ridiculous thing known as responsibilities in real life. It was horrible, but eventually it passed, and I can't speak for the entire team, but it sure is nice to have no life again.

Ok, moving on. Ten points for guessing bug fixes, although I've got the suspicion you've been looking at the (Release Notes)[]. Next up, we've fixed some IME handling, but for what language? If you guessed Japanese, you are correct!

Next question, what has Liru been up to? If you said, Making Our Graphics Panel Great Again, you are absolutely correct! You have received another seven points.

The next question is true or false. Did the Alchemy Team give up on OpenSim support like Kokua has? The answer... is... NOPE! There are several bug fixes specific to OpenSim, and not only that, we now support the Hypergrid currency extensions proposed by Chris Colosi.

That's about it. Want more stuff? Report more bugs!