Alchemy Release

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Mon 24 July 2017. Tags: alchemy, release,

Welcome to another exciting adventure of Alchemy Release mode. In our last episode is was one year ago TOMORROW and we were updating the things to match Linden Lab changes and performing small graphical feats of tweakage. There have been a few beta releases along the way, got thirsty, stopped …

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Alchemy Beta

Written by Luminous Luminos in alchemy on Sun 08 January 2017. Tags: alchemy, release,

"The Time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things:" --Through the Looking Glass

We have a fresh new Alchemy beta release for you all to play with and it's a humdinger.

Of course, the change you've all been waiting for, Bento support. You'll now be able to …

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Alchemy Release 4.0.0

Written by Luminous Luminos in alchemy on Mon 25 July 2016. Tags: alchemy, release,

taps the mic Ahem! So after a rather long and drawn out beta period, we are pleased to announce the 4.0.0 release! There have been numerous improvements and large number of bugs that have been squashed. The beta builds have been fairly stable for most users, so we …

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Alchemy Beta 4.0.0

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Tue 16 February 2016. Tags: alchemy, release, beta,

Hello hello, we're back with a new beta release of your favorite virtual worlds viewer, Alchemy. Did you miss us? We missed you. First of all, sorry not sorry for missing a bunch of monthly releases. Full time emloyment is usually the death of open source viewer projects, but here …

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Alchemy Release 3.8.5

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Sun 25 October 2015. Tags: alchemy, release,

It's time again for a new viewer, yes it is, and we've been busy little programmers this time around. It's been a little over two months. I hope you didn't miss us. I hope you aren't outside my house right now peeking through the windows like that crazy Adele. I …

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Alchemy Release 3.8.2

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Thu 20 August 2015. Tags: alchemy, release,

Hi everyone! Ok, I know you were expecting to hear from us on Sunday since I told you monthly release in July. I hope you aren't mad. This thing came up. Don't worry, it wasn't a bug or anything. It was just... sigh... Well. I'm just going to come clean …

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Alchemy Beta 3.8.1

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Thu 16 July 2015. Tags: alchemy, release,

So I was just roller skating down the street one day and my wheel got caught on the storm drain. I fell on my face and it hurt pretty bad. It's a good thing though, you know? Because I had the best idea in the back of the ambulance. Why …

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Alchemy Beta 3.8.0

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Tue 16 June 2015. Tags: alchemy, release,

Hey guys! It's been far too long. So what's up? How have you been? Me? Just splended, splendid. I got my macbook back thanks to the generosity and valor of you, the Alchemy userbase. In thanks, we present to you Alchemy Viewer 3.8.0 Beta.

Alchemy 3.8.0 …

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We're Not Dead

Written by Cinder Roxley in alchemy on Sat 16 May 2015. Tags: alchemy,

There have been questions recently about whether Alchemy Viewer is dead or not. This post serves as proof that we are not dead yet.... Sorry about that. The other frequent question, beside whether we will support RLV or not (and yes we will eventually in some form), is when the …

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