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Alchemy Release 4.0.0

· One min read
Alchemy DevOps Director

taps the mic Ahem! So after a rather long and drawn out beta period, we are pleased to announce the 4.0.0 release! There have been numerous improvements and large number of bugs that have been squashed. The beta builds have been fairly stable for most users, so we have decided to release what we have with a few fixes as a release build.

Some highlights of this Release include:

  • Updated to include all the changes up to Linden 4.0.0 with various stability and bug fixes from 4.0.1.
  • We've added an Automatic Update system to help make it easier to be on the latest Alchemy version.
  • The much requested viewer side AO.
  • Enhanced environmental tools.
  • Many small graphical tweaks and fixes to improve immersion and windlight behavior.