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Alchemy Beta 3.8.0

· One min read
Cinder Roxley
Alchemy Contributor

Hey guys! It's been far too long. So what's up? How have you been? Me? Just splended, splendid. I got my macbook back thanks to the generosity and valor of you, the Alchemy userbase. In thanks, we present to you Alchemy Viewer 3.8.0 Beta.

Alchemy 3.8.0 Beta is the product of six months of work bringing both the latest releases from Linden Lab including the Experience Tools project as well as hundreds of changes and improvements from your pals, us. What changes exactly? Well, not RLV yet, that's for sure. You'll find a few surprises here and there in this release. We're gonna let it be a surprise, and there's a lot cooking in the kitchen for our major 'Release' release coming up. Stay tuned. So without further ado...